Brand independent integration of Video Manamgment Systems, recorders and camera's.

The integrated Beveco Video Management System (VMS) combined with a video wall for camera surveillance, in which cameras from the connected locations come together. In this system, a large number of cameras and images can be presented at a lower cost. In most Video Management Systems the costs for licences are based on the amount of camera's which drives the costs to a high level.

VMS integration software for emergency centers and organizations with multiple video brands

Do you, as an emergency center or as an organization, have to deal with multiple brands of camera systems? And do you want to be able to view these video images in a simple and integrated way in a central room without having to operate different VMSs?

With our brand-independent and integral VMS system, you can combine cameras and recorders in one interface and receive real-time updates via a video wall. Images can be freely selected, dragged from the floor plan and in a fictitious layout of the video wall. The images are then presented in a targeted manner on the clients and the video wall. In the event of a calamity, the right images are immediately presented on the video wall or workplace, according to predefined layouts.

  • Keep your existing systems intact

    Avoid disinvestment in new camera systems through a complete, brand-independent integration of all your VMS systems.

  • Supervise more efficiently

    View and manage images from the camera systems from multiple locations, in one central place. This way you get one total picture of your complete camera surveillance.

  • Lower your security costs

    A VMS integration from Beveco is a one-time investment, with limited license costs.

  • Keep your freedom of choice

    Brand-independent integration means complete freedom of choice in your security systems.

More efficient security at a lower cost

Do you want to keep your freedom of choice in terms of brands? Or do you want to keep the investments made in various brands of video systems?
When replacing camera security systems, the costs can rise considerably. This is because you are forced to choose one supplier or brand, which you are then stuck with for a longer period of time. You get around this problem with a brand-independent VMS integration. In addition, you manage all images in one interface, allowing you to protect more efficiently. Your benefits:

Look to the future with our integrated VMS system

Our integrated VMS system grows with you. The software can be expanded indefinitely with additional links and features. Over time, the VMS software can become part of an integral Security Management System (SMS). For example, we built a complete integration platform for supervision for PostNL's Central Control Room, including integration of VMS software. View the video recording of a presentation about this case on the left.

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The advantages of the Video Management Systeem (VMS)

Overview of multiple locations

Using the Beveco Video Management software you can operate and manage all connected cameras from any location via one or more workstations and also present them on one or more video walls. Users can adjust the layout and grouping of the cameras as desired for optimal ease of use.

Low recurring costs

With the brand independent Beveco Video Management System (VMS) the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is many times lower than with other solutions due to the applied license structure. With the VMS it is possible to integrate both at camera and recorder level, this leads to lower bandwidth use and lower costs.

Low bandwith usage

Due to the possibility to integrate at recorder level, the bandwidth used on the networks is much lower. Not every image is sent over the network at high quality, this only happens when a specific image needs to be played back. The load on the network is therefore many times lower.

Combine different brands together

The Beveco Video Management System (VMS) integrates the recorders and cameras of all kinds of different brands. Thanks to the years of experience with video management, Beveco has a large number of drivers available.

Realtime updates via the video wall

Images can be selected at will, from the floor plan and in a fictitious layout of the video wall. The images are then presented in a clear and uniform manner on the clients and the video wall. In the event of a calamity, the right images are immediately presented on the video wall or workstation, according to predefined formats.

Customers using our video management solutions:

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