Beveco provides solutions for industrial projects.

For industrial projects the emphasis for Beveco is often on safety and security. Depending on your needs we can offer a number of solutions. Industrial activities always involve risks. It is therefore extremely important that the risks are correctly identified and that the appropriate follow-up action is taken. A management system can be a useful tool to reduce the response time and improve efficiency.

Overview of our solutions for industry

Building Management System (BMS)

Beveco creates a complete Building Management System (BMS) in which various technical systems are integrated, such as climate control, fire detection, access control, burglary signaling, intercom, CCTV and many other systems. These are assembled into a complete BMS by means of intelligent bi-directional links. This creates a clear graphical user interface that does not require specific knowledge of the underlying systems for daily use.

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Security Management System (SMS)

Beveco designs complete Security Management Systems. Intelligent links are used to incorporate intrusion detection, access control, CCTV, intercom, fence detection, radar detection, perimeter intrusion detection and many other systems into a complete SMS.

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Fire Management System (FMS)

Fire! You don't even want to imagine it. Of course, various safety measures have already been taken. Perhaps you already have an advanced fire detection system, you practice regularly with your employees and you test whether everything is still working. But there is still an improvement to be made. Beveco helps you increase your safety with the Fire Management System (FMS).

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Attendance Registration System (ARS)

Beveco guarantees the protection of your building, terrain, employees and equipment thanks to electronic Attendance Registration System (ARS).

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Personal Security Alarm (PSA)

Beveco can provide a complete Personal Security Alarm (PSA), also known as Personal Alarm System. A PSA is the solution for sending important notifications and messages fast and accurately. This can be used for the alarming of your Emergency Response Team (ERT) or other personnel, like doctors and nurses, in case of an emergency or possible evacuation. A PSA supports your internal organization.

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