Brand independent integration of all your locations in your central control room.

All security and safety systems at multiple locations can be integrated into one solution: the Beveco Control Room solution. From a central control room, your security staff can remotely monitor the entry and exit of employees, monitor processes, respond to alarms and identify deviant behavior.

The advantages of the Control Room Solution

Overview over multiple locations

Beveco integrates the technical systems independently of brands, recorders and cameras of all locations. With Beveco's Control Room software you control and manage the fire panels, intrusion detection, access control, CCTV, telephone exchanges, intercoms, fence detection, radar detection, ground detection and many other systems.

No more security guards on location

Organizing your security from a central control room will lead to a huge gain in organizational terms, but also in costs. Customers where Beveco's Control Room Solution is implemented have a big advantage because of the central integration and have a reduction in personnel costs. For example, they can operate and manage the systems of multiple locations 24/7 without staff on location and the central staff can supervise all systems.

Low recurring costs

The Control Room Solution is a combination of, among others, the Beveco Security Management System (SMS) and the brand independent Beveco Video Management System (VMS). Due to the applied license structure, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is many times lower than with other solutions. Our customers earn back the investment in the control room software within a few months, on average.

Clear and uniform graphical interface

The information from all locations is displayed reliably, quickly and conveniently in the control room. The content can be customized and is easily adapted to your wishes. Users emphasize ease of use, fast reaction times and reliability. If required, we can train your employees to adjust or set up the graphical display independently.

Don't you have the staff capacity for a 24/7 manned control room?

If so desired, the control room can also be accommodated (partially) at a certified Private Alarm Center (PAC). Contact us for detailed information.

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