Beveco creates and implements Smart Building platforms.

In buildings where people work, meet and collect, the systems are focused on providing safety and comfort to employees and visitors. Nowadays, in addition to these issues, there is also a growing need for smart solutions and intelligent analysis to optimize the experience, sustainability and costs even further.

Our open brand independent platform makes it possible to operate and manage an ecosystem of interconnected systems and sensors. The combination of data from technical systems, data from sensors and other open data sources creates a uniform database. On this data it is possible to use all kinds of analytics tools to make connections and gain insights to improve the performance of the building.

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Overview of our solutions for Smart Building

Building occupancy

Insight into occupancy is extremely useful. With existing installations in your building and/or aided by new technology, the space ussage can be measured. With this information, data-driven Facility Management can be applied to optimize occupancy. This not only yields savings in housing costs, but also a working environment that better suits the new ways of working.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is the innovative next step in condition-based maintenance. Thanks to developments, machines can produce data on a large scale and continuously exchange data with people and/or other devices. By bringing together all the data of all machines that can stand anywhere in the world, better predictions can be made about when a component needs to be replaced. This is not only based on real-time information, but also on information from the past. Predictive maintenance delivers interesting benefits, such as less downtime and more efficiency, safety and control.

Link to a Facility Management Information System (FMIS)

Beveco offers a link between an FMIS and Building Management Systems (BMS). This will start workflows via automatic notifications. In a similar way, a work order can be automatically created if, for example, the toner of a printer is almost empty. The workflow for this work order can be configured in such a way that there is a direct message to the supplier based on the malfunction code. Whether or not the SLA's are met is therefore easy to monitor.

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