Beveco helps you increase the safety with a Personal Security Alarm (PSA) system

Beveco can provide a complete Personal Security Alarm (PSA), also known as Personal Alarm System. A PSA is the solution for sending important notifications and messages fast and accurately. This can be used for the alarming of your Emergency Response Team (ERT) or other personnel, like doctors and nurses, in case of an emergency or possible evacuation. A PSA supports your internal organization.

The advantages of an Personal Security Alarm (PSA)

Brand independent, fast and reliable

Thanks to the Personal Security Alarm (PSA), it is possible to sound a rapid and reliable alarm in the event of a calamity or emergency situation. Beveco makes it possible to choose brand independently for the best suitable hardware. You can choose for, among others, beepers, alarm transmitters and / or DECT systems.

Save time

When a calamity occurs in or around the building, it is of the utmost importance to have the right people in the right place as quickly as possible. With a Personal Security Alarm (PSA) the location of the situation is reported to the employees via the central equipment, they are instantly informed and can take immediate action.

Link with presence registration

By means of a integration with Beveco's Attendance Registration System (ARS), an overview of all attendees will automatically be given in the event of an emergency situation. This list is automatically communicated with the Emergency Response Team (ERT) present.

Silent alarm

Panic among residents, clients, patients and employees is one of the biggest causes of physical distress when an emergency is detected and an alarm is sounded. Especially when there are people in the building who can not get themselves to safety, panic is a big problem. A silent evacuation is the solution to prevent panic.

When using a PSA your employees can respond quickly and adequately to calamities.

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) and other staff members are immediately informed via notifications and messages. They can then immediately take action in the event of a calamity, they can then bring others to safety or assist in evacuation.

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