Real-time insight into the status of your fire alarm system(s)

Beveco creates and provides Digital Fire Alarm Panels (DFAP) that visualise the fire alarm system, where status, notifications and information are displayed graphically. The design of the DFAP supports the user and emergency services in detecting, identifying and dealing with an incident as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The advantages of a Digital Fire Alarm Panel (DFAP)

Clear and uniform view for emergency services

A DFAP provides an up-to-date overview of the status of the fire alarm system(s) on a touchscreen display by means of a graphical user interface with a clear and uniform geographical display.


A DFAP will continue to function without interruption in the event of a temporary power failure. Disruption or failure of the central technology and/or the communication with the fire alarm system(s) is automatically reported to the fire alarm system(s).


The DFAP is of course NEN 2535 certified. Beveco has been involved in the development of these and other NEN standards.

Easy to update

The graphical user interface of the DFAP can easily be updated for structural and/or fire-technical changes, so that the situation represented on the DFAP always represents the actual situation.

Notifications, emergencies and shutdowns

In case of an event or status change, the relevant item is presented with a status icon in an accent color. Each type of event or different status of an installation part has its own accent color.

With the aid of a DFAP, the fire department can localize the fire alarm and make an attack plan.

The location and nature of the situation is shown on the map and easily located within your organization. The DFAP provides guidance for collecting information in a building for the fire brigade, emergency services and company emergency response teams (ERT).

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