Beveco creates complete brand independent Data Center Management Systems (DCMS).

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To ensure uniform operation and management of the technical systems, Beveco creates a complete brand independent DCMS. All individual systems remain autonomous and are not dependent on the operation of the management system or other systems. By using intelligent data links, all systems are combined into a complete DCMS via a redundant network. An overview of our solutions in the field of data centers can be found below.

Overview of our solutions for Data Centers

Data Center Management System (DCMS)

A control and management platform for all technical systems within a data center. As the number and capabilities of systems increase, it becomes more difficult to keep an overview. All kinds of technical systems are integrated into a DCMS, such as climate control, fire detection, access control, burglary detection, intercom, CCTV and many other systems. These are assembled into a complete DCMS by means of intelligent links. This creates a clear graphical user interface that does not require specific knowledge of the underlying systems for daily use.

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Cooling Management System (CMS)

A control and management platform for all cooling systems. As the importance of stable and constant cooling of vital equipment increases, the need for good control grows. In a Cooling Management System (CMS) all kinds of systems that revolve around cooling are integrated.

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Attendance Registration System (ARS)

Beveco guarantees the protection of your building, terrain, employees and equipment thanks to electronic Attendance Registration System (ARS).

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Security Management System (SMS)

Beveco designs complete Security Management Systems. Intelligent links are used to incorporate intrusion detection, access control, CCTV, intercom, fence detection, radar detection, perimeter intrusion detection and many other systems into a complete SMS.

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Fire Management System (FMS)

Fire! You don't even want to imagine it. Of course, various safety measures have already been taken. Perhaps you already have an advanced fire detection system, you practice regularly with your employees and you test whether everything is still working. But there is still an improvement to be made. Beveco helps you increase your safety with the Fire Management System (FMS).

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