All your cooling integrated in one Cooling Management System.

A control and management platform for all cooling systems. As the importance of stable and constant cooling of vital equipment increases, the need for good control grows. In a Cooling Management System (CMS) all kinds of cooling systems are integrated, such as cooling towers, air handling units, ventilation, ATES installations and many other systems. These are included into a complete CMS by means of intelligent bi-directional links.


The advantages of an Cooling Management System (CMS)

Efficient control

The combination of cooling installations (free cooling, ATES, redundancy, etc.) is crucial for the efficient and optimal functioning of cooling installations in data centers. A good installation is durable in nature and offers the optimum performance. Beveco is a specialist in cooling and offers data centers an extensive Cooling Management System (CMS).

High availability

Links are made redundant on the basis of SNMP, Modbus, BACnet, contacts, etc. A Cooling Management System (CMS) provides clear insight into the performance and the energy consumption of an installation. Of course everything is visible locally but also remotely.

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES)

An Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) stores energy from the building and/or the environment in the soil. Thanks to an ATES installation, you can save energy in a sustainable way for the heating and cooling of your building. An ATES is sustainable, economical, comfortable and a reliable source of energy.

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Completely unburdened

Experienced project managers and engineers have detailed knowledge of mechanical, electrical and IT engineering a unique combination. The Beveco project manager directs the project managers and subcontractors involved and forms the permanent point of contact. We always work on the basis of design discussions with the customer, consultant and installer. We make control technical descriptions, select control and field equipment, provide engineering and coordination of cabinet diagrams and control equipment, coordinate cabling and commission them on site.

The solution for Cooling Management.

To ensure uniform operation and management of the cooling systems, Beveco makes complete brand independent Cooling Management Systems (CMS). All individual systems remain autonomous and do not depend on the operation of the management system or other systems. All systems are assembled into a complete CMS by means of intelligent data links via a redundant network. This creates a clear graphical user interface that does not require specific knowledge of the underlying systems for daily use.

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