Beveco helps you to increase your safety with the Fire Management System

Beveco makes complete Fire Management Systems (FMS). Fire detection, sprinkler, evacuation, Personal Alarm Systems, DECT and many other systems are assembled into a complete FMS by means of intelligent bi-directional links. This creates a clear graphical user interface with which you can operate and manage all the underlying systems.

BMS software for integration of all brands of fire alarm systems

Do you use multiple brands of fire detection systems? Or do you monitor various manufacturers from your emergency center? And do you lose valuable time due to a lack of overview? Or do you want to reduce the dependence on that one manufacturer?
Our BMS solution brings almost all well-known brands of fire safety systems together in one platform. The system is relevant for any organization that wants to reduce the response time in the event of a fire or disaster. This is especially true if you are dealing with:

  • Large numbers of fire detection and fire safety systems (same brand or different brands);
  • Multiple fire alarm panels;
  • Multiple locations or multiple buildings, requiring overview;
  • Support and management of large numbers of fire alarm systems (for installers); Service/support control rooms.

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Fire management in industry

In industry, such as the (petro)chemical industry, a fire often has enormous consequences. This is related to close monitoring of the safety conditions on your factory sites and halls. Industrial end users therefore often choose to expand the BMS with additional disciplines in the field of security and comfort to a completely integrated building management system. In this way you can monitor and manage the complete operational safety of your (chemical) factory in one integrated system. This also includes the integration of climate control technology and measurement and control technology. We also build and manage these systems specifically for data centers and hospitals, for example.

  • Increase the fire safety of your organization

    One overview of your brand management for a faster response time and better follow-up.

  • Keep your existing systems intact

    Avoid divestment in fire detection systems through one integrated brand-independent fire management platform.

  • Lower your fire safety costs

    You pay once for the installation, followed by a fixed license fee.

  • Save on emergency room staff training

    As a control room, you often work with third parties, where turnover is considerable. So you have to invest in learning these systems. The BMS is trouble-free and the interface is easy to operate, which saves you on learning costs.

  • Keep your freedom of choice

    Brand-independent integration means complete freedom of choice in your fire safety systems.

Increase your fire safety at a lower cost

With the BMS you can integrate all aspects of your fire safety into one user-friendly interface, regardless of brand. You integrate your plan of attack into the system yourself, so that your security personnel can act adequately and specifically in the event of a fire.

And all this without having to invest in new fire alarm systems. With the BMS you have a reliable, fault-free fire management system in your hands at a very friendly rate.

Future proof BMS system

Our integrated BMS system grows with you. The software can be expanded indefinitely with additional links and features. Think of an extension with a digital fire service panel, or a building management system (GMS) with which you monitor and control the complete security of your factory or data center. You can also send information about the disaster directly to the mobile devices of your emergency response officers with our latest web solution. Interesting? We are happy to think along with you to advise you on a digital system for fire management. Contact us for advice!

These partners use a BMS solution from Beveco:

The advantages of a Fire Management System (FMS)

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Emergency Response Team (ERT)

Information about the location of devices or fire extinguishers is presented in a clear and uniform interface. Automatic (additional) reports can also be sent to the companies Emergency Response Team (ERT) via Personal Alarm System and/or DECT.

Approach route

Automatically the approach route for the fire brigade can be determined on the basis of the location of hazardous substances in combination with wind direction and speed. The information and approach route are automatically shared with the parties involved.

Link to Attendance Registration System (ARS)

With an active link to Beveco's Attendnce Registration System (ARS), an overview of all those present will automatically be given in the event of an emergency situation. This list is automatically communicated with the Emergency Response Team (ERT) members present.

Digital Fire Alarm Panel (DFAP)

The DFAP displays an up-to-date overview of the status of fire alarm system through a graphical user interface with a well-organized map display. In combination with a Fire Management System (FMS), the addition of a DFAP can be realized at low cost.

Make an existing fire panel, web-based

Do you still have a fire panel without a web interface? Your current fire panel extended with a web-based interface makes it possible to easily identify faults and perform tests.

Do you want to read more about how a Fire Management System works?

We would like to tell you all about the specifics of a Fire Management System.

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All calamities in one overview.

With the Fire Management System (FMS) from Beveco, we bring together things like fire detection, sprinkler, evacuation, Personal Alarm Systems and DECT through intelligent bi-directional links, to enable you to act adequately in the event of a fire and/or evacuation.

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