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The total freedom of build up with our software makes it possible for Beveco to operate in many markets. In addition, the complete freedom applies to the purpose our platforms serve, for example Central Management, Safety Management, Security Management or Comfort Management. In all chosen solutions, extensions and remote management are easily possible. By choosing drivers based on bi-directional communication, the flexibility of the solution is guaranteed.

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Data Centers

A Data Center project is unique from other projects due to the demand for the high availability and the short lead time. Beveco has proven itself with succesfully performing and servicing these kind of projects for various clients.

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Smart Building

In buildings where a lot of people are working, meeting and aggregating systems are aimed at providing safety, security and comfort to employees and visitors. Our open and brand independent platform `makes it possible to operate and manage an ecosystem of interconnected systems and sensors. This platform improves safety, security and comfort and helps to further optimize sustainability and costs.

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For industrial projects, the emphasis for Beveco is often on safety and security. Depending on the wishes we can offer numerous solutions for this. Industrial activities will always involve risks. It is therefore very important that the risks are well mapped and that adequate follow-up measures are taken. A management system is a useful tool that shortens the response time and improves the quality of response.

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There are numerous systems in healthcare facilities to make the stay of patients and employees as safe and comfortable as possible. In order to optimally operate and manage these systems, a Building Management System (BMS) can make an important contribution.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Our open platform makes it possible to operate and manage an ecosystem of interconnected systems and sensors. Many IoT solutions come with their own App or Web interface, an IoT platform from Beveco creates a uniform and brand-independent, horizontal management platform for all kinds of smart solutions.

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Smart City

Municipalities and cities are struggling with the need for the integration of new technologies in this day and age. Our open platform makes it possible to create an ecosystem of interconnected buildings, technology, applications and monitoring systems.

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