All your technical systems integrated into one Data Center Management System.

A control and management platform for all technical systems within a data center. As the number and capabilities of systems increase, it becomes more difficult to keep an overview. All kinds of technical systems are integrated into a DCMS, such as climate control, fire detection, access control, burglary detection, intercom, CCTV and many other systems. These are assembled into a complete DCMS by means of intelligent links. This creates a clear graphical user interface that does not require specific knowledge of the underlying systems for daily use.

The advantages of a Data Center Management System (DCMS)

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Beveco provides brand independent solutions for four of the largest data center companies in the world. Solutions such as the realization and implementation of Data Center Infrastructure Management systems, Security, Building, Energy or Cooling Management Systems, et cetera.

Complex systems

The cooling, power supply and security of a data center are complex technical systems and facilities such as access control, intrusion detection, CCTV, fire protection, ATES, UPS, cooling and energy systems, et cetera. In order to offer the customers of data centers the availability and the quality of service they expect, high demands are placed on all existing systems. With a Datacenter Management System (DCMS) you are "in control".

Interactions between systems

The Data Center Management System (DCMS) will automatically show the correct camera and the appropriate button for release of the relevant door or gate when an intercom call comes in. These interactions ensure an extremely fast and simple operation.

Reports and dashboards

In the logbook freely definable filters are available for each type of report. This creates a clear overview and clear reports/dashboards can also be created. For example, attendance reports, license plate registration, switching logs, etc.

The solution for Data Center Management.

To ensure uniform operation and management of the systems mentioned, Beveco creates a complete brand independent Data Center Management Systems (DCMS). All individual systems remain autonomous and do not depend on the operation of the management system or other systems. With the help of intelligent data links, all systems are combined into a complete DCMS via a redundant network. This creates a clear graphical user interface that does not require specific knowledge of the underlying systems for daily use.

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