Integrated building management

CentraLine's core competence is integrated building management. The brand stands for tailor-made, intelligent solutions for office buildings, schools, shops, hotels, universities, mixed-use buildings and many other facilities of all sizes. CentraLine solutions are based on leading Honeywell technology, such as the Niagara Framework (Niagara 4), enabling truly integrated building management - from HVAC control, lighting and shading, access control, fire alarm systems, camera systems (CCTV), elevators, etc. to and with complete energy management solutions. The focus is on optimizing energy consumption by connecting the different systems within a building.

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HAWK 8000 and EAGLEHAWK NX web controllers (Niagara 4)

CentraLine offers an extensive range of IP controllers based on Niagara 4 which are equipped with all standard open communication protocols.

The HAWK 8000 series IP controllers come in various variants, suitable for medium to large HVAC installations. The Hawk 8000 does not have I / O on board, but can work with its own or with all kinds of brand-independent I / O modules. The I / O modules can communicate locally and remotely via open communication protocols (RS485 or TCP / IP) with the Hawk 8000.

The EAGLEHAWK NX series IP controllers are very compact and equipped with standard I / O on board. These controllers can also be expanded with I / O modules. Are very suitable for small to medium-sized HVAC installations.

MERLIN NX intelligent room controls (Niagara 4)

The MERLIN NX is a flexible, freely programmable and innovative room controller that, like the HAWK 8000 and the EAGLEHAWK NX, is based on the Niagara 4 platform.

Scalable and flexible integration options via BACnet MS / TP, Modbus and SYLK-Bus enable demand-driven control for HVAC, lighting and shading, which not only enables high energy cost savings, but also maximizes comfort and well-being.

ARENA NX Supervisor (Niagara 4)

ARENA NX is a powerful integration and supervision platform that provides a unified vision of all building subsystems. It reduces the complexity of managing different applications, maximizing uptime and reducing operational effort.