Trend is an independent business unit of Honeywell and is the developer of the IQ measurement and control system, now the 4th generation, IQ4E.

Through careful control and monitoring of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other building services, Trend systems are able to minimize energy consumption and maintain comfortable conditions at all times - as well as providing other important benefits such as lower maintenance costs for the installation. Systems can be found in almost every type of non-residential construction, from schools, hospitals and recreation centers to office buildings, shops, data centers and factories. They are suitable for the largest building complexes and multi-site applications and are still cost effective even in very small buildings.

Trend measurement and control systems are supplied, developed and commissioned by accredited Systems Integrators (SI). Beveco is a Trend SI from the very beginning in the Netherlands. In-house knowledge and experience from the first generation IQ1 to the current IQ4E systems.

In addition to the well-known IQ line, Trend also supplies a new line measurement and control system based on Niagara 4 platform, called IQX.

For (web) operation and management of control systems and other building systems, the IQVISION Supervisor can be chosen. It is also fully based on the open Niagara 4 platform.

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IQ4 solution (4th generation)

Trend's IQ4E IP controller is the latest addition to the company's leading line of building control systems.

Available in variants with 16, 32, 64, 96, 128, 160 and 192 points; applications of all sizes can benefit from best-in-class technology, while the ability to upgrade between the variants provides greater flexibility.

Superior processing performance ensures that even the most complex HVAC applications can be controlled and the IQ4E also has enhanced I/O bus capabilities, with an available length of up to 300m and the ability to configure 30 I/O modules.

As with all Trend products, backwards compatibility has been designed from the ground up. The IQ4 modules can communicate with any IQ1, IQ2 or IQ3 controller and are also interchangeable for added future-proofing, scalability and long system life - all of which can protect the financial investment in a BEMS.

IQX solution (Niagara 4)

The IQX controller uses the powerful Niagara N4 platform to control from room controls to primary control installations as well as advanced integration to or with third-party systems.

The integrated 4-port gigabit Ethernet switch enables fast, easy communication with other IQX controllers and IP devices, along with easy integration with third-party OT (operational technology) networks and cloud-based solutions.

The built-in 3 universal inputs, 3 universal inputs / outputs and 6 digital output channels allow interfacing with traditional sensors, actuators, etc., and can be easily expanded up to 172 channels (i.e. physical I/O points) using IQXIO extension modules.

Sylk bus connectivity is also provided for room control devices.

System programming is accomplished using IQVISION, and a feature-rich HTML5 interface can be fully customized to provide end-users with web-enabled monitoring and control.

IQE (eco) room controls

The IQECO room controllers are freely programmable and communicate on the basis of Bacnet over MSTP (RS485 network) with other IQECOs or other network devices. Communication with parent IP systems is done through a 4NC interface (MSTP-IP gateway).

Trend has various options for local operation, from simple to a (touchscreen) display and integrated sensor for temperature, RH and / or CO2.

IQVISION Supervisor (Niagara 4)

IQVISION is a building surveillance and management solution based on the powerful Niagara 4 platform. This makes it possible to integrate Trend controllers, third-party devices via open communication protocols into a centralized software platform.