Beveco is a Mymesh certified dealer where you can go for wireless solutions. Mymesh makes cabled infrastructure superfluous and at the same time guarantees maximum system flexibility.

Mymesh easily connects any light, anywhere
The Mymesh network consists of LED drivers, LED controllers and special software to make each light Smart. Once all lights are connected to the Mymesh network, wireless sensors and switches are added to realize automatic and manual control. In this way, entire buildings are made intelligent and adaptive.

Mymesh Management System
The Mymesh Management System is an online application for the remote management, monitoring and control of your Mymesh network. In addition, multiple brand-independent Building Management Systems can be integrated into one platform with a wide range of building applications.

The Mymesh Management System is based on our open integration platform IX.Web. The management system can be compiled entirely according to your wishes and requirements. In addition to wireless applications for (emergency) lighting and sun blinds, think of integration of systems for fire, burglary, access, camera and climate installations.

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Discover the power of data

Mymesh provides you with an abundance of valuable information that was previously unavailable. The network consists of smart controllers that are connected to every LED light in your organization. When all lights are connected, Mymesh wirelessly connects all devices in one data infrastructure. As a result, the lighting transforms your building into a smart variant.

Detailed information about the use of your building, the behavior of its users and the efficiency of your company becomes very transparent with MMS.

One powerful dashboard

The Mymesh Management System (MMS) is designed to make any building easy to control, manage and analyze usage.

Connect the network

While Mymesh can control thousands of devices within a single autonomous network, it is designed to do a lot more. The Mymesh gateway allows a user to connect his / her network to our online dashboard. Installation is very easy; Simply connect the Mymesh gateway to the internet using an Ethernet cable and drag the icon to a room in the Mymesh app.

When data tells a story.

Since the average Mymesh network consists of thousands of lights and sensors, it generates an enormous amount of information. This tells a clear story about a building, its users and your company. The details of this "story" depend on the amount of sensors within a network.

The resulting analyzes can significantly reduce costs and greatly increase effectiveness for many companies.

Prepare a building for the future

With Mymesh your building becomes adaptive so that it can change with new technological possibilities and innovative trends. The MMS plays a crucial role in this. With every version update, new functions are added to the ecosystem that can be activated by the MMS.

Set up your entire building with just one app

After all Mymesh devices are connected to the mains, a wireless mesh network is automatically created. This allows a user to easily commission any type of building or site with just his / her iPad. Intuitive and user-friendly design ensures that everyone can quickly configure the desired settings. With a complete wireless infrastructure, every installation becomes flexible, adaptive and efficient.