The Tower project is being realized close to the heart of Hoorn and right next to the Dijklander Hospital (formerly WestfriesGasthuis and a Beveco customer since the early 90s). This 55 meter high tower with 209 owner-occupied and rental apartments is a real eye-catcher. Within a few minutes you drive from the busy A7 to this spacious complex where you can live in comfort, luxury and enjoy a unique experience near the IJsselmeer.

Meet the "new" Tower in Hoorn; a historic place on the water near the highway and nature. A sustainable project with contemporary techniques, luxury and a comfortable appearance that literally comes up and in which you immediately feel at home! Live at height; in silence, with light and lots of space. The Tower is an innovative development where, in addition to a safe home, you can enjoy cosiness and togetherness under one roof.

Technical data

At the request of Eteck, Dubotechniek will deliver the plug & play WKO installation ONE including delivery sets that were developed by Dubotechniek itself. Beveco will suppliy the automation of the installation and support Dubotechniek with the integration. In the Penthouses even 2 delivery sets are mounted. A buffer tank of 2000 liters is used for the hot water. This is together with, among other things, the heat pump module with a capacity of 230 kW, a switching vessel module and a regeneration module (for dry cooler) in the parking garage of the building.

A dry cooler with a capacity of 200 kW has been installed on the roof of the low-rise building (5th floor). This is used to maintain the balance in the cold and warm source. From this dry cooler, two pipes run to the technical room that are connected to the WKO installation.

The measurement and control technology for the WKO is based on Niagara 4 (Tridium) by means of a Smart Controller, type JACE8000. Various integrations / data links based on open protocols are done with the frequency inverter, I / O modules, heat pump, energy meters and of course also with the IQeco controllers in the homes.

Comfort distribution set

The delivery set called Comfort Distribution Set is an in-house prefab development from Dubotechniek. This set is equipped with a Trend IQeco controller, circulation pump, heat exchanger and an energy meter. The indoor installation indicates whether we will deliver heat or cold.

Remote control

In the Dubotechniek Service management center, they can monitor and optimize the installation 24/7. This is done with a very advanced N4 Web Supervisor.


Source: Dubotechniek

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