Equinix and Beveco optimize Data Center Management Systems

Equinix is the largest IBS data center & colocation provider in the world. With more than 175 data center locations in 44 markets across 5 continents, Equinix offers its customers a unique opportunity for worldwide connectivity in a secure environment for IT and telecom equipment. Equinix, as the core player of the digital economy, offers the possibility to design new IT and cloud strategies. In Amsterdam, customers can use 8 data centers that are connected to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and Neutral Internet Exchange (NL-ix), which currently use 1000 ISPs, telecommunications carriers, providers and hosting services.

Equinix sets high quality standards for its data centers. Not only in terms of safety and security, but also in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. The way in which Beveco lives up to its promises has led to successful cooperation between both companies. This collaboration dates back to the nineties when TelecityGroup was looking for a specialized party to provide service and maintenance to the climate installations.

This cooperation led to Beveco not only being selected in 2008 to provide the Building Management System (BMS) for the fourth data center, but also for the Cooling Management System (CMS) and Security Management System (SMS) including all underlying systems (access control, intrusion and detection). The choice for Beveco was also made for the construction of the second phase of the data center in 2009, the fifth data center in 2012 and the sixth in 2015. In 2016, TelecityGroup was taken over by Equinix and soon Equinix was convinced of the extensive possibilities and the level of knowledge of Beveco. A new phase was recently delivered by Beveco in AM6 and expansions were realized at various other data centers.

Experienced project managers

The demand for sustainability and availability continues to increase, as does the speed with which the data centers are built. By using suitable project managers, Beveco is able to successfully complete the processes. Experienced project managers have extensive knowledge of electrican, mechanical and IT systems, this is a unique combination that enables the project manager to think along with the design of the technical installations and to ensure correct execution.

Sustainability and energy efficiency occupy an increasingly prominent position within the data center world. Previously cooled by means of chillers, now this is done with ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) installations in combination with cooling towers for free cooling. Beveco is implementing a Cooling Management System (CMS) for this. The CMS continuously ensures the most optimal and cyclical control of the various system parts. Because the various installation parts are also equipped with their own controls, a high degree of availability is obtained. The performance of the installation is collected and processed in reports, which are automatically sent to those involved. This way performance can be monitored monthly and the installation is benchmarked to the set criteria.

Data security is increasingly important

In the area of ​​safety and security, developments are also fast. With the increase of web based solutions and mobile data, data security is taking an increasingly prominent role in our daily activities. By obtaining the ISO27001 certification, Beveco has taken a big step in the service provision in this area. Of course this is only a part of the security. Preventing unwanted visitors or knowing who the visitors are is another aspect to ensure the continuity of the Equinix data centers. Beveco supplies systems such as access control, burglary detection, cameras, intercom and visitor registration. These systems are efficiently operated and managed by the Security Management System. Via e-mail and text message, failures and alarms are sent directly to the employees concerned so that valuable time is not lost. For optimal support in this process, Equinix has a framework contract with Beveco for the service provision. Beveco acts as the point of contact for the various installation parts. 24/7, the Beveco engineers and project managers ensure that every disruption is solved quickly and adequately.

Not only for bigger data centers

A frequently heard comment is that the BMS, CMS and SMS systems would only be applicable for the larger datacenter locations. After all, the larger locations have different requirements than, for example, in-house data centers or the so-called shelters. But both at a large data center and at a stand alone server room, the similarityis that continuity is of the utmost importance for every situation. In addition, a good and central overview of the current status of your systems and uniform alarm handling is indispensable for every data center.

There are different ways to achieve this. Beveco offers various solutions from large to small that are applicable in every situation, whether it is about security, safety or comfort: we like to be challenged to create an optimal solution.


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