Park 20|20 in the Haarlemmermeer near Amsterdam is the first full-service Cradle-to-Cradle® optimized working environment worldwide. The park combines sustainable design and an optimal ecological approach in an innovative way with a groundbreaking look at doing business. Central to this is human well-being - for now and in the future. This results in an inspiring, healthy and productive working environment. High quality services and economic growth are the positive results of this fruitful and refreshing view on working.

What did we do

In cooperation with Dubotechniek, Beveco has realized an advanced Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) for Park 20l20. This sustainable plug & play ATES installation is shared by all buildings on the business park and per building the equipment is placed and commissioned in single day. Beveco provided the measurement and control technology for the ATES installation; this control technique is based on the Niagara 4 platform of Tridium (Honeywell). Thanks to the management and monitoring software, Dubotechniek can remotely monitor all skids and all data in the various technical rooms. In addition, automatic reports are generated that simplify the operation.

Dubotechniek Energie takes care of the exploitation for all buildings on Park 20|20. For the various companies they take care of invoicing, monitoring the installation, keeping track of the meter readings and monitoring the tariff system. In addition, they provide information to the users of the building about the use, management and maintenance of the installation. The software and control technology are of crucial importance for this.

Sprinkler installation

The new, most recent office building is also connected to the current ATES distribution network. The new pipes have been drawn to the technical area of ​​the office building to which the ATES installation is connected. The installation that is installed (called ONE) consists of two 112 kW heat pump modules, a buffer tank module, a measuring and control unit and a source connection module. This heat and cold storage installation was installed in one day and also connected to the sprinkler system. This sprinkler system receives its feed water from the ATES installation.

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