PostNL is the link between senders and recipients of mail and parcels, between the physical and the online world. Making communication between people and companies possible in all possible ways is part of the work. PostNL has been appointed by the Dutch government as a company charged with carrying out the universal postal service (UPD). PostNL must deliver mail from Tuesday to Saturday and deliver at least 95% of the mail delivered the next delivery day.

One Central Control Room Solution

The following technical systems are available at the more than 30 different sorting centers of PostNL's letter and parcel departments: Access Control, Intrusion detection, CCTV, Intercom and Fire Alarm System. PostNL has expressed the wish to Beveco to be able to monitor, manage and operate these systems remotely. PostNL has involved Beveco in the design and advisory process to arrive at an optimal solution when it comes to availability, reliability and efficiency in visualizing, managing and operating all systems at the various locations. After this process, PostNL commissioned the integration of the systems into a brand independent Central Control Room Solution. Beveco then set up and organized the control room in consultation with PostNL in such a way that it meets the wishes and requirements. The control room makes it possible for PostNL employees to independently make changes to the open and brand independent management system.

Security Management System (SMS)

The SMS is used by PostNL in the Central Control Room, location The Hague, and has a total of 6 workstations. At the time of writing there are usually 2 workstations in use with which all activities can be handled. The implementation of the SMS took place in the active central control room, in an operational production environment (24/7 with an availability of 99.9%). Since the addition of the SMS, it is possible for the employees to remotely monitor, operate and manage the mentioned technical systems of the sorting centers. Previously, two employees per sorting center were present 24/7 at the letter department.

The employees of the central control room have access to all functionalities of the integrated autonomous systems in a uniform and well-organized Graphical User Interface. The underlying systems function, in the eyes of the user, as one system. All reports, faults and events come together in a well-organized logbook so that no message is missed from any of the systems. In addition, it is possible to generate reports (automatically) in order to report periodically.

Video Management System (VMS)

The video wall in which all cameras from the affiliated sorting centers come together was developed by Beveco and makes it possible to present a large number of cameras at a lower cost. With most Video Management Systems the license costs are based on the number of cameras, which would increase the costs for PostNL exponentially. The video wall is part of the Beveco Central Control Room Solution and it does not use licensing fees per camera. The layout of the video wall can be divided according to PostNL's insight and can easily be changed at any time in terms of format.

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